Jun 15

Alert! CVE-2010-1885 Subpoena Threat and Targeted Attack Against .us ccTLD

Today, I came across a couple of interesting spam campaigns. The first campaign spoofed the sender as “inform@ffiec.gov” (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council). The message threatened the recipient with a subpoena due to “suspect financial activity on your account”. While … Continue reading

Sep 27

Confirmed! Plug-and-Play Spammers Using Stolen Emails as Spam Templates

Recently, Red Condor blocked a spam message that appeared to come from a religious organization in San Francisco, Calif. The message was an invitation to an annual festival the organization was hosting on September 19, 2010. Included with the email … Continue reading

Sep 20

“Here You Have…” Virus Does Not Compare to Plug-and-Play Malware Threat

Earlier this month, the world was all abuzz with the “Here You Have…” virus, which threatened a number of big companies, including ABC/Disney, Google, Coca Cola and NASA. In fact, on September 9, 2010 when the virus was first detected, … Continue reading