Aug 05

Outbound Spam is a Different Animal

Many ISPs, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and universities are becoming acutely aware of the problems associated with spam emanating from within their networks. Just about anyone who manages on-premise email services understands the necessity of filtering inbound email to … Continue reading

Jul 29

The Art and Science of Writing the Rules of Spam Detection

C.S. is a regular contributor to the Red Condor Security blog and a master at writing anti-spam rules—handwritten scripts that target new, slippery spam campaigns that automated methods such as session defenses, virus scans and static policy settings can’t detect.  … Continue reading

Jul 22

One-Click Malware Spammers Continue to Find New Avenues of Exploitation

In more than one blog post during the last several months, we have discussed a sophisticated plug-and-play malware campaign that infects users’ computers with a single click. During the last several months, the spammers have spoofed several major brands, including … Continue reading