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Configuring Subject Tags

Subject tags are short bits of text (up to twenty characters) prepended to the subject line of an email message to alert you that a message has been flagged as suspicious. For example, you can configure the mail from invalid senders (the Forged: field) to say "Fake:" to alert you that the message is not from the sender it claims to be from. So, the tagged message in your mailbox might read "Fake: Your New Maces Gift Card!"


Note: Red Condor recommends ending the subject tag with a colon. When most mail programs sort on the subject line they ignore the text before a colon and sort on the content of the subject line.

To configure a subject tag

  1. Click on the Policies tab.
  2. Depending upon the message type, do one of the following:
  3. Optional: Clear the default subject tag and type your text entry into the box.

    The following screenshot highlights blank messages marked up with the subject tag BLANK: and Forged messages marked up with the subject tag of Forged?